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Good Bots Bad Bots Visiting Your Website

Imperva Incapsula, a leading provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the cloud and on-premises, released their annual Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report. Now in its fifth year, this report is an ongoing statistical study of the bot traffic landscape on the Internet. It's all about Good Bots Bad Bots!

Good Bots Bad Bots

The latest Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report examined 16.7+ billion visits to 100,000 randomly-selected domains on the Incapsula network in order to find answers to the following questions:

  • How much website traffic is generated by bots?
  • How are bad bots used in cyberattacks?
  • What drives good bot visits to various websites and services?
  • Which are the most active bad and good bots?

The resulting answers to the above questions are found in the infographic linked below. In the accompanying commentary on their website, Imperva Incapsula takes a closer look at some of the macro trends reflected in the activity of the most active bot archetypes. This is really worth a read by anyone into this sort of thing.

Good Bots Bad Bots
See the Infographic HERE

Yeah, sure, it's all a little bit on the techie side of things but that's the nature of the 'net after all. But just how much do you know about those who visit your site anyway? This article and the infographic may help you figure out a significant part of it. And, when you realize most of your visitors might be bots, it changes your perspective on traffic size, and traffic needs; at least it should!

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